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Ray Mickevicius, Photographer

My work is about my own awakening to what is often right in front of me...and learning to see it and be with it in a way that no longer allows me to take it for granted. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is simple and elegant, sometimes it is powerful, and often it is all of the above. Edge, pattern, texture, and "character" in nature, architecture, design, city life, and portraiture are the most frequent areas I explore.

I am especially drawn to these subjects because of the opportunities they provide to explore an endless variety of the subtle and powerful elements that give distinction to my subjects.  I continue to be fascinated by little things: the color, edges, and power of fall leaves, buds about to burst into bloom, and the subtle angles and play of shadows and light, or a particularly interesting face. No matter where I may be, something is always catching my eye; I find photographs nearly everywhere I look. I most enjoy discovering and focusing on details that many people pass by and never give a second thought or look.

My introduction to photography came about when I starting using my mother’s old “Kodak Brownie” camera. Snapping pictures and waiting to discover how they turned out was a marvelous time of magic and anticipation for me. I was hooked, forever. Like all serious photographers, I immersed myself in the discipline of learning to use the tools of photography: lenses and their properties, exposure, tripods, filters, lighting, film speed, composition. I began working with digital photography in 1999 when it was still a relatively young, but rapidly emerging technology.  Now I am completely absorbed in learning whatever I can about the subtleties and possibilities of digital cameras, computer imaging software, and printers.

The images you are viewing were captured (using a Phase One medium format digital back, Canon, and Leica cameras) and processed using imaging software (Capture One, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop). I use the computer as a digital darkroom and I process my images for impact through color correction, contrast adjustment, and cropping, (processing similar to what has always been done by film photographers with traditional techniques such as the use of filters, and dodging and burning in the wet darkroom.)  I print my images on Epson printers using ultrachrome pigment inks and photographic papers rated to be fade-resistant for anywhere from 60 years – 200 years.

I want to create images that invite and compel the viewer to look further, linger longer, and maybe even discover something previously unseen. I want viewers of my work to participate in a unique and engaging moment as they look deeper and longer at nature's gifts and man’s creations.  If my work succeeds at some level in illuminating beauty, then I will have reached my goal.
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All images, copy, and design are © Copyright 2003 - 2010, Ray Mickevicius. All rights reserved.